“The Mystery Of The Silk Umbrella” is one of those books you feel you could read over and over again and still be entranced by it. It is a small one hundred and fifty-six page book that is choco-block full of adventure and humor.
Arjun and Divya’s mother, Roopa Mani rents a purplish-pink silk umbrella, with a carved steel tip, gold embroidery on the silk, a polished wooden handle and a goldish sort of lining from Jaam-Jaam Costume Co.Rather extraordinary is it not?As an old pot-bellied pujari exclaimed,”That umbrella looks fit for a god.” But sadly an exquisite umbrella attracts attention from a lot of people. The umbrella remains the center of all the mystery that enters theirs lives. It is momentarily stolen by their Shanta athai’s archenemy, Dr.Babaram Jones who is bent on getting something from her to hand over to the criminal who has a heart filled with evil, the one and only Kharabi.But Kharabi finds herself an enemy, Ambujam patti, the owner of Jaam-Jaam Costume Co. (The result of this was paati MGR style).T.Satyavan a rich businessman connects the umbrella to his past which no one but he knows. If only he could just lay his hands on that umbrella! The umbrellas protection remains the number one priority for Arjun, Divya and Malli (paati’s granddaughter), atleast until their mother finishes her movie ‘Oru Kottaiyin Kavidhai’, but boy, their job is not made so easy!
The story twists and turns and confuses the reader. After all when has one of us read about mutant seeds and homemade cough linctus syrup or an Ejjibijjin? The story is a must read for every child, filled with imagination and will set of a spark in his or hers mind. The author takes us through lives which many people lead. The abundant wealth of the rich, the comforts of the middle class society and the harsh troubles of the poor. Set in Chennai and Vellore it will be enjoyed even by the most serious adult ,bringing back sweet memories of their childhood ,when they used to got fairs or to a temple, eating chilly bajji, dosais and pooris..
Love, kindness, honesty and the need to work hard to succeed. Little things tucked away into a humorous sentence which we can preach and practice everyday for a better life for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed “The Mystery Of The Silk Umbrella” and it is now definitely one of my favourites.